Covid-19: Test Regulations

Conditions of access to official tourist accommodation on Canary Islands

Users must have one of the following requirements:

  • Test negative for active COVID-19 infection in the 72 hours prior to arrival in the Canary Islands. The tests that are allowed are PCR (RT-PCR for COVID-19), Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA), and Antigen tests
  • Have an official accredited document that shows that you have been fully vaccinated in the eight months prior to your trip or have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine authorised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) within the past four months and at least 15 days prior to your trip.
  • You can prove with an official medical certificate or public document that you have had and recovered from the disease within the past 6 months.

The following are excluded:

  1. Children under 6 years
  2. People who can prove they are a resident of Canaries and make a responsible declaration that you have not left Canary Islands during the 15 days before you arrive at the accommodation and have not experienced symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 during that period.
  3. People who, regardless of their place of residence, can prove that they have only been outside the Canary Islands for a period of less than 72 hours prior to arrival, having been in the territory for a full 15 days prior to that, and who also declare, under their own responsibility, that they have not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms during that time.

In any case, it is extremely important you check your operator or airline’s conditions before traveling to Canary Islands.

Please check the information: