Sustainability management policy

Santa Mónica Suites Hotel is a 4-star hotel which offers a high-quality experience to their guests, combining modern-like facilities, excellent service and a privileged setting by the Dunas de Maspalomas special Nature Reserve.

We are compromised with the quality tourism of Gran Canaria and very sensitive with the environment, and our values are based on the sustainable development. Therefore, here can be found our sustainability management policy, which covers all our business activity areas.


  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of our guests through our facilities and high-quality services to gain their loyalty.
  • Comply with the current legislation and regulations which applies to our activity, and our own requirements that the company decides to comply. Company prioritizes the protection of basic human rights and guarantees good work conditions to their workers.
  • Provide their workers with the needed resources to carry out their jobs in perfect sanitary and security conditions.
  • Train our personnel to guarantee this policy compliance and the continuous improvement in our hotel services quality.
  • Motivate the environment protection by the analysis of the environmental impacts generated by our activity throughout a life cycle, and the use of the needed measures to minimize this impact.
  • Promote the personnel and guest’s environment awareness through valuable information and recommendations which help the good environment performance.
  • Support the local economy by backing local suppliers when acquiring products and services.
  • Ensure visibility on the local culture through Canarian gastronomy and activity promotion, cultural events and leisure to our guests.



Santa Mónica Suites Hotel management is committed to the protection of the children from any evidence of situations that might affect their physical or mental wellbeing, in any form of child abuse.

We are aware of our unique position to help identify, prevent and report any child abuse cases that would take place in our facilities.

Hence, we compromise to the following:

  • To own a policy and action protocol from child abuse.
  • To regularly instruct our employees about child protection from sexual exploitation and child abuse related to tourism, including how to identify and report any suspicious circumstances and incidents to local authorities or child protection organization.
  • To communicate our providers and collaborators about our child protection policy where it conveys a common rejection and zero tolerance to child abuse.
  • To raise awareness among our guests about this topic through the appropriate information and guidelines about how to report suspicious cases, that can be found on our website and our Sustainability QR.
  • To keep a continuous dialogue with the local authorities and child protection organization.