Child Protection Policy

Santa Mónica Suites Hotel management is committed to the protection of the children from any evidence of situations that might affect their physical or mental wellbeing, in any form of child abuse.

We are aware of our unique position to help identify, prevent and report any child abuse cases that would take place in our facilities.

Hence, we compromise to the following:

  • To own a policy and action protocol from child abuse.
  • To regularly instruct our employees about child protection from sexual exploitation and child abuse related to tourism, including how to identify and report any suspicious circumstances and incidents to local authorities or child protection organization.
  • To communicate our providers and collaborators about our child protection policy where it conveys a common rejection and zero tolerance to child abuse.
  • To raise awareness among our guests about this topic through the appropriate information and guidelines about how to report suspicious cases, that can be found on our website and our Sustainability QR.
  • To keep a continuous dialogue with the local authorities and child protection organization.