Crisis Management Policy

Complex nature and international reach of tourism makes it one of the industries most exposed to critical situations in several types. There are not only economic crisis, but tourism area faces multiple types of risks and unfavourable situations, such as public health (COVID-19, for example), natural disasters (floods, volcanoes, hurricanes…), security crisis (robbery, cyberattacks…) reputational crisis on social media…

SANTA MONICA SUITES HOTEL has well defined how to react to any crisis to minimize negative effects and restore the service as soon as possible.

Our commitment with crisis management goes by the following principles:

  • In advance planification and preparation.
  • Clear and quick communication. Establish communication channels among staff and guests.
  • Strategic adaptability. Be flexible on the focus and be ready to adjust according to the circumstances.
  • Reputation protection. It is crucial to do a follow-up throughout online presence crisis and answer criticism and comments professionally and considerately.
  • Postcrisis evaluation and continuous learning.

To carry through our policy and achieve our goals is absolutely necessary unconditional support from all our staff, which is manifested through firm and constant commitment with our company’s crisis management.

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