Quality Policy

SANTA MONICA SUITES HOTEL is a committed hotel, whose main goal is to improve as a company regarding the quality and experiences offered to our guests. Moreover, our environment-care consciousness with the highest quality level in all our services is a task listed on our top priorities.

Its design makes it a perfect location to enjoy the tranquillity and convenience that the hotel offers, an ideal location to travellers who are looking forward to enjoying a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Staff’s kindness and service makes this hotel a perfect establishment to spend a resting and disconnecting time.

Our daily tasks focus on our guests’ satisfaction while staying in our hotel, and to consolidate our commitment for quality we have adopted the concept of continuous improvement, which leads to perfecting our service and taking special consideration to our guests’ needs. That way we achieve our guests’ loyalty and a high repeaters number.

To achieve that, the hotel will:


  • Get our guests’ loyalty by looking forward their maximal satisfaction in each and every visit to our establishment.
  • Guarantee the law’s fulfilment about: current basic tourism legislation, and safety and health, also any other law or regulations in our county or country that we must comply.
  • Encourage teamwork and communication between work groups.
  • Educate our staff to improve their personal training, making the most of all the possibilities, internal or external.
  • Promote our staff to take part into our system’s improvement, and goals’ achievement. Improvement teams have been created to achieve this goal.

Food and beverage

  • Choose food and beverage based on products’ quality and check the goods we receive from our providers.
  • Not accept damaged food or beverage coming from our providers’ part.
  • Not keep huge supply quantities to avoid food waste. We requests supplies several times a week to ensure optimal quality, especially quick perishable supplies such as fruit, veggies, dairy or fresh bread.
  • Organize our supplies taking the expiration date into account.
  • Have a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan (HACCP) and make periodical revising to ensure our products’ food safety.
  • Plan our menus to reduce food waste.
  • Encourage zero-mile products to contribute to local circular economy.


  • Keep a high-quality level service to our guests. We perform weekly meetings with every department’s person in charge to share any problem and solutions, and follow-up on current tasks, as well as any new proposals that may arise.
  • Have and carry out a guests’ satisfaction questionnaire, where suggestions, opinions and/or complaints can be shared. Every comment is a direct source of information from our guests, which gets analysed and solved on our weekly departments meeting.
  • Keep a high-level cleanliness around the hotel.
  • Collaborate with several online opinion’s portal, and we answer all the comments we receive.


  • Check rooms daily to make any maintenance tasks that may be needed. Hotel staff will be available any time in case guests need anything.
  • Santa Mónica Suites Hotel is firmly committed to sustainability by using renewable energy in its facilities.

To carry through our policy and get our goals is absolutely necessary unconditional support from all our staff, which is manifested through firm and constant commitment with our company’s quality.

This information is displayed to every co-worker and any third party that may be interested.

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