Sustainability And Environmental Management Policy

Our sustainability and environmental policy make the commitment to:

  • Satisfy our guests’ needs and expectations through quality facilities and services to get their loyalty.
  • Push forward environmental care, this being one of our main goals, through of our own environmental impact analysis throughout our whole lifecycle, and set up measurements to decrease said impact. We understand this liability belongs to the hotel management and whole staff.
  • Make all our activities within maximal environmental respect, so that we are able to prevent contamination in all our activities and other specific compromises relevant to our company’s context.
  • A continuous efficiency improvement of our process: optimizing human and material resources, which leads to a permanent improvement within environmental respect.
  • Develop a staff-aimed training plan to reach a higher awareness and motivation on environmental matter, and guaranteeing our policy’s compliance.
  • Current environmental legislation compliance, which applies to our activity’s reasons, and any other own requirements our company decides to commit to, prioritising Fundamental Human Rights protection and guaranteeing decent work conditions to our staff.
  • Promote the reduction of consumerism and plan a waste management by easing recycling and reuse.
  • Provide our staff with necessary resources to conduct their tasks in optimal safety and health conditions.
  • Encourage staff and guests’ environmental sensibilisation through valuable information and recommendations that help good environmental execution.
  • Support local economy by putting faith on local providers to acquire products and services.
  • Draw attention to local culture through Canarian gastronomy and promoting activities, cultural events, and other leisure on the island to guests.

SANTA MONICA SUITES HOTEL management expresses their environmental commitment through their Sustainability and environmental policy herein and commits to share it to every level and supply the necessary resources to its compliance.

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