Workplace Safety And Health Policy

SANTA MONICA SUITES HOTEL is a committed hotel, whose main goal is our environment-care awareness with the highest quality level in all our services.

Its design makes it a perfect location to enjoy the tranquillity and convenience that the hotel offers, an ideal location to travellers who are looking forward to enjoying a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Staff’s kindness and service makes this hotel a perfect establishment to spend a resting and disconnecting time.

SANTA MONICA SUITES HOTEL has their staff as the most valuable active. Therefore, great efforts are carried out to ensure their health and safety on their workplace.

Our commitment with health and safety on workplace goes by the following principles:

  • To promote a preventive culture in Safety and Occupational health within our staff.
  • To watch over our staff’s safety. Identify and evaluate any possible risks within their daily process, actions and projects, so necessary control measures are implemented to protect correctly all staff in their tasks.
  • To take measures that place collective protection before individual protection.
  • To comply with legal requirements and any other requirement related to Safety and Occupational Health that our company may apply to.

To carry through our policy and achieve our goals is absolutely necessary unconditional support from all our staff, which is manifested through firm and constant commitment with our company’s Workplace Safety and Health.

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